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How to install Ubuntu 18.04 on Acer Aspire A715-71G-554N?

 It's a lot less risky just shrinking the Windows system partition to a minimal size to make a lot of room for ubuntu and its swap, installing ubuntu dual boot in dual boot mode, and put grubx64 ahead of Win boot manager. You'll forget that Win is even there and available should you ever need it for something. Jack E/NJ

( 0) Pre-shrink Windows partition to desired unallocated space for Linux installation. Shrink it a lot if you want
( 1) Make bootable GPT/FAT32(default) stick from the Linux installation iso with Rufus, a freeware download.
( 2) Set BIOS supervisor password(SECURITY), disable secure boot(BOOT)& enable F12 Windows boot mgr (MAIN). Save BIOS settings & exit. May not be needed with some Linux installations like Mint.
( 3) Shutdown & insert bootable Linux stick
( 4) Turn back on while immediately tapping F12. Select Linux stick to run.
( 5) Preferrably select a default Linux install option
( 6) Follow on-screen instructions to install alongside Windows.
( 7) Let Linux automatically set & resize partitions for Linux & its swap. Adjust for more or less space only if absolutely necessary.
( 8) Shutdown & remove Linux stick.
( 9) Turn back on while tapping F2.
(10) Re-enable secure boot(BOOT) & select UEFI file as trusted(MAIN). Select HDD0, SSD0 or eMMC0, then <EFI>, then <ubuntu>, then grubx64.efi the UEFI file. Enter grubx64.efi in the space provided if selecting it doesn't automatically enter it. Save BIOS setting and exit.
(11) Boot into Windows. Then shutdown again.
(12) Turn back on while tapping F12.
(13) If desired, put grubx64.efi ahead of Windows boot manager in UEFI bootstrapper
(14) Pretend Windows isn't there anymore


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