Required items

  • A working system to download software and create install media
  • Bootable USB flash drive at least 8GB (ALL DATA WILL BE REMOVED FROM THIS DRIVE!) or a USB DVD-ROM and DVD-R media
  • USB keyboard (or keyboard/mouse combo) – Windows 10 install media does not have the drivers for the keyboard and trackpad on the X205TA

Obtain and create install media

NOTICE: THE X205TA only supports 32-bit Windows 10! It will not allow you to install 64-bit

Go to to either:

  • Download and use the media creation tool to create a bootable USB install drive


  • Download the ISO file to create a bootable DVD-ROM

Follow instructions to create desired install media.

Install Windows 10

  • Make sure the X205TA is off
  • Connect the USB flash drive or USB DVD-ROM player with DVD.
  • Connect the USB keyboard
  • Start the X205TA and continue to press F2 to get into BIOS.
  • Under Security tab, Secure Boot menu -> Secure Boot Control set to Disabled, otherwise, you may get a SECURE BOOT VIOLATION on boot.
  • Under Save & Exit tab, Save Changes (NOT Save Chances and Exit)
  • Lastly, while still in Save & Exit tab, under Boot Override, select the USB flash drive or DVD-ROM drive.

Install as normal using tab and space to press UI buttons if you do not have a keyboard/mouse combo.

Post Installation

You will need to obtain a few Windows 10 32-bit drivers from ASUS support site. Minimum required are:

  1. Chipset driver: Intel INF Update Driver – will get the keyboard and mouse working (direct link at time of doc creation)
  2. ATK: ATKPackage ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities (direct link at time of doc creation)
  3. TouchPad: ASUS Smart Gesture (direct link at time of doc creation)