My Samsung NP270E5V laptop came with Ubuntu 13.04 installed on it, but I cant boot from a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to install Windows 7. Pressing F2 during boot doesn’t take me to BIOS menu so that I change the boot order; it just boots into Ubuntu



soluation : A   If I remember properly, you don’t have to change anything in BIOS. The ESC key will give you the boot menu so you can select the boot device

Thanx for ur responses, however, below is what has worked for me:

1.Upon powering on the laptop, press F10

2. Select the option to modify the BIOS settings

3. Go to the Boot Options screen

4. Set Secure Boot to Disabled

5. Set BIOS mode to UEFI and Legacy

6. Save settings and reboot

7. When the Samsung screen comes up again, press F10

soluation : B

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