We tested it with the follwing (all submodels included. The list might be outdated!):


A275, E450, E460, E470, E550, E560, L460, L560, T440, T440s, T440p, T450, T450s, T450p, T540, T540p, T550, W540, W541, W550s, X240, X250, X1 carbon gen2..gen6, Helix new gen, Thinkpad Yoga 11e, 12 and Yoga 15(with Compal Embedded Controller*), Lenovo 13, P40, P50, P51 and P70. We also unlocked the latest X1 Yoga gen 3, Yoga 260, Yoga 370, Yoga 460, X260, X270, X280, T460, T460s, T560, T470, T470s, T480, T480s, T570, T580, featuring the new ACM and BootGuard Key Manifest. Unlocked also Thinkpad P40 Yoga, P51 and Lenovo 13 and X1 carbon gen6.



this service online send rom after  possibles 


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