successfully finished the work on unlocking Macbook Pro, Air and iMac, all models to date (update: now including 2016-2017). We can reset the firmware lock, pin lock and icloud credentials without tampering or replacing the original BIOS code and OEM settings! We clean up only what is necessary: the keys, building a clean table, etc. the machine will reset to factory settings. Nobody else will do this level of BIOS rework like we do.

Any Macbook and iMac BIOS is stored into a serial flash from (SST, MacroniX and lately Micron). The software needed is SPEG flash programmer and one BIOS unlock or repair service will be a bonus   You will use SPEG to read the BIOS in system without desoldering – that is possible with SPEG – then email the binary dump to us for patching. You will write the recovered BIOS back with SPEG. (Just to mention that this is the same package needed for HP machines as mentioned already in this forums section. )

Update: For older models until 2010, including MAC AIR 2010, we can decode and retrieve the password from its hash stored in BIOS chip. No BIOS patching is further necessary, we only need the BIOS dump to retrieve the requested data.


Model : Macbook Air 1370 2011 BIOS

Macbook Pro 1278 2012

Macbook Pro 1278 2011 BIOS

Macbook Pro 1297 2011 BIOS.

Macbook Pro 1286 2011 BIOS

Macbook Pro 13′ A1181 2007 BIOS

Macbook Pro 15′ A1286 2008 BIOS

Macbook Pro A1237 2008 BIOS

Macbook Pro 15′ A1398 2012 BIOS,

Macbook Pro A1425 2012 BIOS




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