1. Switch on the notebook, when the boot logo appears press [F2].
      Password=” will be displayed.
  1. Press keys in the order [CTRL], [TAB], [CTRL] and [ENTER].

 Check video how to use these keys



The Serial number and Challenge code will be displayed

  •     Please Note:
    For some reasons it could happen that no PC Serial No. and Challenge Code will be displayed instead of “Not Certified” appears.
    In this case, remove the AC-adapter and the battery for a short time and try it again.











  • You will receive the “Response code”.Enter the Response code (do not mix  up “0” and “O” or “C” and “G” or “8” and “B”)
  • Press [ENTER] key. The “TOSHIBA Setup Utility” (BIOS) appears.
  • (if your laptop reboot press immediately F2 holding down to enter bios setup utility)
  • Press [F2] key to enter Toshiba setup utility
  • Go to the “Security” tab by pressing the cursor right key [->].
  • Check if the line “Supervisor Password  Registered” or “User Password  Registered” is marked.

  • Press [ENTER]


  • Press [space bar].

  • Press [ENTER] first time.

  • Press [ENTER] the second time.

  • Press [ENTER] third time.
  • The User Password is set to “Not Registered”.
  • Press [F10] key to save the changes and confirm this by pressing the [Y] key.
  • The BIOS Password is deleted.
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