How do I reset my BIOS password on newer ASUS laptops?


So a buddy if mine brought me a laptop that he had found from cleaning out an abandon house. Laptop was dirty as hell and looks beat up but still turned on. It was a ASUS model X55A (I think). I thought when he said he needed for me to remove the password he meant it had a password to get into windows. Easy enough. But when he brought it over and turned it on, first thing to pop up was grey text box that said ENTER PASSWORD. Damn this thing has a admin bios password. I had fixed a similar asus computer years ago that had a bios password. I just needed to google the list of recovery codes to remove the password. Jumped onto google found the list and damn again! This list only goes until 2012… It’s 2017. Started thinking… 3 options… call asus and try to get a recent recovery password (I hate calling tech support when I am the tech support), google a bit deeper to see if someone cracked the algorithm to the recovery codes, or… open up this laptop to remove the CMOS battery to reset the internal clock. So about 20 minutes later and 3 missing screws later I had the laptop taken apart and back together. Turn it on and press alt+r to bring up the recovery password option and now the date is 1/1/2009. Awesome. Consult the list of recovery codes I found online. Type in the code for that date…and boom password removed.



If an ASUS computer has a admin bios password at boot.

1) Open computer and remove the button battery on motherboard to reset clock

2) Check the recovery date by pressing alt+r at the ENTER PASSWORD screen.

3) Consult this list for the recovery password

4) Enter recovery password at recovery screen.

5) Eat pizza?



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